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Drew's Crew's Kids 

brothers given chance to join archery & soccer

"When we heard about Drew's Crew we were absolutely ecstatic with the hope that they might be able to still participate in the activities they love. Without Drew's Crew we might not have been able to provide these opportunities... Our family has been through a lot these past couple years and seeing [our boys] so happy and enjoying life is a gift we can't even begin to thank you for."

- mom of Drew's Crew's first recipients

hoop dreams

Thanks to the generosity the Waukee Youth Basketball League and Drew's Crew donors five elementary students were able to join the league and play ball in brand new basketball shoes.

"Drew's Crew afforded my child with an experience that I couldn't. They made my family feel like we were family, that it's okay to get help, and made sure we were comfortable and taken care of! Thank you Drew's Crew for everything!"

- mom of 2nd grade basketball player

happiness is a hair bow
Putting kids on an equal playing field means making them feel equal and giving them the push to develop the confidence they need to know they are equal.  When we work with programs that are willing to reduce or waive registration fees, we are able to ensure the student can fully participate in the activity and feel just like their peers, by providing the "extras," like a $5 optional hair bow that matches everyone else's. "Our girl is wearing her new bow with such pride. It's amazing how much a $5 bow means to a young lady."
- Elementary Guidance Counselor
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