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For the past five years Drew’s Crew for Kids has met the needs of so many students in the Waukee Community School District. When Drew’s Crew was formed, we had a vision of providing stepping stones to help bridge the gap that exists in our community between students from socioeconomically challenged households and those with seemingly endless opportunities, like so many suburban communities across the country. The opportunities to play in the school band, to go to gymnastics classes, to play baseball, to walk in the high school graduation, to have crisp new books to read, are often taken for granted as a normal part of childhood. But for so many, these opportunities only belong to others. We have helped these opportunities become reality to many who only dreamed. With so many students to serve as this district continues to grow, the need far outweighs our ability to meet it as a small volunteer-run organization. As a result, we are pleased and honored to be able to transition our work to two organizations that will take over the mission of Drew’s Crew - to facilitate access to enrichment activities for local youth in need. As of December 31, 2021, Drew’s Crew for Kids will dissolve as an organization, but the mission will continue through the operations of Can Play and the Waukee Community Schools Foundation.


Our mission is to facilitate access to enrichment activities for local youth in need.


Our vision is to bridge the activity gap - the gap between youth from different socioeconomic backgrounds that prevents all kids from having access to the same activities.

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